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Our goal is to make the freelance market more transparent. You can help by sharing your rate below, and receive discounted access to the database.

We realize that many freelancers are uncomfortable with sharing their hourly rate publicly. Which is why we automatically anonymize the data you share. Identifiable information such as your LinkedIn profile will remain private.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We do not share your email address or LinkedIn details in the database. In case you fill these out, they will only be used to verify your data — and provide you with updates of the project. In addition, individual entries are generally not identifiable.

We are continuously working to have freelancers add or update their rates in the database. The more entries we get, the more valuable it becomes.

If at all possible, link to our website and ask your friend to share their rate too! That way, we can grow the database faster, and make freelancing easier.

If your friend/colleague/acquaintance is not a freelancer yet, contact us, and we’ll give them access straightaway.

As long as you work in IT, yes you can. We already have a few Project Managers, Business Analysts and Product Owners in the database. Join them and add your rate too!

And if you want access to the database but you’re not working in IT, please purchase standard access.

Provided that you are a software developer, yes you can. We already have rates from the Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Canada and more. Add yours too!

We’ve been in personal contact with the majority of the freelancers who have filled in this database. As long as freelancers want to help make the freelance market more transparent, there is no incentive to fill in fake data.

In our opinion, pretty much all freelancers (from bike couriers to journalists) would benefit from a database like this. But considering there are many freelance developers out there, we believe this is a good place to start.