Freelance React Developers – Hourly Rates Guide

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React has become one of the most preferred JavaScript libraries due to its high flexibility and scalability. And this has increased the demand and rates for freelance React developers worldwide. Compared to other freelance frontend developers they earn a higher rate on average.

If you are planning to start your career in freelance React development, having a fair idea about the current React developers’ freelance rate is crucial. It will help you choose the right projects and clients, and ensure that you are not underpaid.

The same goes for hiring react developers. As an employer it is good idea to know the market and being able to negotiate rates and salaries to keep being  on top of the budget.

But how high are the rates exactly? Let’s find out.

Rate Factors

Currently, three major factors affect the rate of freelance React developers in the industry. 

  • Your skillset 
  • The size of your client’s business 
  • Your level of experience 

1. Your skills 

Your skills lay a crucial role in determining your rates as a freelance React developer. If you possess in-depth knowledge of the framework and bring several skills to the table, the client will be willing to pay you a higher rate. 

To get higher rates, you need to be skilled at:

  • UX/ UI design
  • System architecture
  • Statement management tools like Redux 

Any additional knowledge and certifications will also help you charge higher rates from your clients. 

2. The size of your client’s business 

If you are working as a freelance React developer for big names like Netflix, LinkedIn, or Dice, you can easily charge a higher rate. On the other hand, if your client is a small business owner, they may not be able to offer you as much money as these bigger companies can. 

3. Experience 

When it comes to the rates you can charge as a freelance developer, your experience plays the most important role. The more experienced you are as a React developer, the higher the rates clients are willing to pay. After all, your experience level is a true testament to the skills and expertise you possess. 

What are the rates for junior, medior, and senior freelance React developers?

Your seniority level plays a deciding role in helping you determine your freelance React developer rate. Senior React developers tend to command significantly higher freelance rates than junior professionals. 

However, this doesn’t mean that junior React developers don’t earn well. They definitely do. Since React development is witnessing high demand today, junior, medior, and senior freelance developers have ample opportunity to earn well. 

1. Rates for junior freelance React developers: 

Junior freelance React developers are entry-level freelancers with less than two years of experience. Companies basically hire them for writing codes, website design-related gigs, technical support, etc. 

Most junior freelance React developers get a rate of around $41 – $60 globally.

2. Rates for medior or mid-level freelance React developers:

Medior or mid-level freelance React developers have a lot more expertise and experience than junior developers. Since they have more experience and have worked on more projects successfully, they command a higher rate too. 

The average hourly rate of medior freelance Reacts developers is around $61 – $80 globally.

3. Rates for senior freelance React developers:

Senior freelance React developers are in huge demand by big companies like Meta, LinkedIn, etc. They also command the highest hourly rate in the freelance React development niche. The average per-hour rate of many senior freelance React developers is around $100 – $120 globally.

Rates based on region 

When it comes to freelance React development or any other freelancing career, geography does matter. Location plays a crucial role in determining the rates of a freelance React developer.

Freelance developers in different regions get different rates for their work. Similarly, your rates will also depend on the region of your clients. After all, a freelance React developer in Asia working with an Asia-based client will not charge the same rates as a freelance developer in the USA. 

In this section, we will take a closer look at freelance rates for React developers based on different countries and regions. Read on! 

What are the rates averages in continents or countries?

1. Freelance React developer rates in North America 

North America is emerging as one of the most lucrative regions for freelance developers. It is brimming with fantastic opportunities and skilled React developers can easily earn a good income here. 

Here are the average hourly rates of freelance React developers in North America:

  • Junior developers: $61 – $80 
  • Mid-level developers: $81 – $100
  • Senior developers: $121 – $140

2. Freelance React developer rates in Western Europe 

Just like North America, Western Europe is also emerging as one of the top regions for freelance developers. There are a lot of opportunities for skilled React developers and some fantastic clients willing to offer competitive rates to them. 

Here are the average hourly rates of freelance React developers in Western Europe:

  • Junior developers: $41 – $60 
  • Mid-level developers: $81 – $100
  • Senior developers: $81 – $120

3. Freelance React developer rates in Eastern Europe 

Freelance React developers in Eastern Europe don’t earn as high as freelance developers in Western Europe. The rate in this region is a bit lower, however, skilled developers can quickly gain meaningful experience and work their way to becoming top freelancers. 

Here are the average hourly rates of freelance React developers:

  • Junior developers: $41 to $60 
  • Mid-level developers: $61 to $80 
  • Senior developers: $61 to $100

4. Freelance React developer rates in Asia & Pacific region 

Asia is also emerging as a premium region for React developers looking for freelance opportunities. Countries like India, China, etc. have a huge number of skilled freelance developers offering high-quality services. 

Here are the average hourly rates of freelance React developers in Asia & Pacific region :

  • Junior developers: $30 to $50 
  • Mid-level developers: $61 to $80
  • Senior developers: $81 – $100


Today, many leading IT companies rely on React JS for powering their businesses. This makes skilled freelance React developers one of the most in-demand professionals in the development industry. 

Of course, there are a variety of rates available. So you could also check out the rates of front-end devs, or rather hourly rates of the (generic) web developer role.

But if you are a freelance developer having expertise in React JS or you want to start your freelance React developer career, now is the best time to do so. As you’ll advance in your React JS development skills, your rates will increase too! 

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